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    Directions for BA I

    BA- l (General) lst Year(Semester System) study programme consists of two Compulsory subjects and three Elective subjects

    Compulsory Subjects

    1. English (ENG)

    2. Punjabi/History and Culture of Punjab (PBC/HCP)
    The following students can opt for History and Culture of Punjab.

    i. Those who are not domicile of Punjab and have not studied Punjabi language upto class 10th.

    ii. Students originally from Punjab, but not domicile of the state and who have not studied Punjabi Language upto class 10th.

    iii. Wards of Defence personnel,Central Government employees and children of employees who are transferable on All India basis.

    iv. Foreign Students.

    3. Environment and Road Safety Education and Violence against women and children is a compulsory qualifying paper which the candidates of all streams are required to pass in the First Year (Second Semester). If the student fails to qualify the paper during the 2nd semester, she will be allowed to appear/qualify the same in the 4th or 6th semester.


    Elective Subjects –

    A student is required to take up three elective subjects in all,selecting not more than one subject from one set of combination given below. For example: Elective English ,Economics, Political Science is a right selection. Elective English, Hindi, Economics is a wrong selection.


     B.A. I

    • Combinations for BA-I,II, III
    • Group 1 Elective English, (ENO) / Hindi (HIN)/Elective
    • Punjabi (PBI)
    • Group 2 Economics (ECO)/ Fine Arts (ART)
    • Group 3 History (HIS)/ Mathematics (MAT),/Music
    • – Instrumental (MUI)
    • Group 4 Information Technology (ITE),/Fashion
    • Designing (FDE)
    • Group 5 Political Science (POL),/Maths (MAT)/Public
    • Administration (PUB)
    • Group 6 Physical Education (PED)/Music Vocal (MUV),
    • Psychology
    • Group 7 Sociology (SOC)