Sr.No Title File
1 National Seminar on “Introduction to Intellectual Property” on 31st March,2022. Download File
2 Minutes of the IQAC meeting held on 9th April, 2022 Download File
3 Programme Outcomes Download File
4 Maintenance Policy Download File
5 IQAC Feedback Download File
6 Annual Reports Download File
7 Gender Sensitization Action Plan and Photographs Download File
8 Authorized E-Waste Vendor Certificate Download File
9 Institutional efforts/Initiatives for providing an inclusive environment Download File
10 Details of activities that inculcate values necessary to render students into responsible citizen Download File
11 Activities undertaken for the sensitization of students and employees of the Institution to the Constitutional obligations: values, rights and responsibilities of citizens Download File
12 Photographs of National and international days, events and festival celebrated Download File
13 Best practices Implemented by the Institution Download File
14 Institutional Distinctiveness Download File
15 Institutional Values (Geo-tagged Photos) View Details
16 Student Satisfaction Survey Report 2020-21 View Details
17 Student Satisfaction Survey Report 2019-20 View Details
18 Student Satisfaction Survey Report 2018-19 View Details
19 Student Satisfaction Survey Report 2017-18 View Details
20 Student Satisfaction Survey Report 2016-17 View Details
21 Student Satisfaction Survey Report 2015-16 View Details
22 Code of Conduct View Details