Add-on Courses is a unique scheme of the UGC to add on skills and increase employability and entrepreneurship for student pursuing conventional courses. The Certificate/Diploma/ Advance Diploma course is open for regular student of the college at any level.

Duration: Each course will be of one academic year.

Add-on-course will be in three phases :

a. Certificate b. Diploma c. Advanced Diploma

A student may opt for certificate course in 1st year or 2nd year or 3rd year. However a student can opt for diploma course only after qualifying the certificate course. Similarly a student can opt for advanced diploma only after qualifying the diploma course.

A student enrolled in any stream may opt for any one/two of the following Courses.

1. Cosmetology: Mrs Leena Gupta

In this age of beauty culture, a trained professional in cosmetology would walk in the job market with comparative ease or set up one’s own saloon or spa. A creative and challenging field, this would make you a part of booming and buzzing arena of personal grooming.

2. Event Management: Dr Sunita Gupta

Key skills you acquire on an event management course are beneficial to your future career. It not only opens the avenues for corporate jobs but also enhances entrepreneurial skills.’

3. Entrepreneurship: Mrs Renu Kalra
Entrepreneurial education can positively impact a learner at all levels. It can create entrepreneurial thinkers who will have the skills and tools to start their own businesses.

4. Communicative Functional English: Mr Parminder Singh
Honing Speaking, Listening and communication skills, it also builds confidence and is a foundation course for mass-communication. Students can also venture into journalism after its completion.

5. Advertising and Sales Management: Dr Shiva Malik
This add-on course is another employment seeking opportunity for the students. Today’s world is driven by advertisement and sales and it is one such area where they can have their skills and can be hired easily by the companies.

6. Computer Based Accounting: Mrs Satinder Kaur
Such courses are the need of the hour as they chisel your personality and inculcates confidence.

7. Web Designing & Multimedia Development: Mrs Rashmi Bhatia
This add-on course provides platform to the students to acquire website creation skills which they can pursue as a full-fledged career after graduation.

8. Insurance and Business: Dr Shikha Vohra
Basic skills and risk management can be gathered by pursuing this course along with graduation.

9. Animation and Graphics : Mrs Kanika Batra and Mrs Rekha
This course offers student an opportunity to sharpen their skills in latest animation, gaming and multimedia software tools. They can make a career in advertising by learning to design graphics with visual effects for websites.