Fine Arts Lab

The discipline of Fine Arts offers graduate degree course in fine arts. Students explore art genres and their historical context in a focused way and take up applied projects. Suitable infrastructure and well equipped studio has been provided to them which ease out their aesthetic exploration. Regular exhibitions and interactive workshops in collaboration with Panjab University and Fine Arts College are held. All facilities in painting and sculpture besides handicrafts are also offered to the students.

Cosmetology Lab

The cosmetology lab course allow students additional lab time to develop proficient and mastery level cosmetology skills and techniques needed for success in personal care services industry. The students demonstrate knowledge of appropriate use of tools, equipment, technologies and materials used in cosmetology. The student is expected to demonstrate safe and effective use of tools to enhance client services. Well-equipped labs with ultra-modern technological tools are kept in our laboratory.

Physics Lab

Seeing is believing” and there is no place much better than laboratory where this holds true. To make science more practical and interesting to the students the college has well equipped physics laboratories. In the laboratories, students are introduced to the modern equipment, precision techniques and experimental methods so that they can understand the physics laws practically and much more effectively. Equipment is such that basic concepts are well understood. For the experiments related to the Optics a dedicated dark room has been built.

Fashion Designing Lab

Our fashion designing lab has all the latest facilities for budding designers. The lab cum workshop is equipped with latest computer aided designing software, Usha wonder-stitch machines and 5 thread overlock (Juky machine). One display window is there to display the creativity of students. Cutting and drafting tables are there with comfortable high stools<

Computer Labs

The Department of Computer Applications has four well equipped state-of-the-art air-conditioned computer labs. They are equipped with technologically advanced systems installed with latest hardware, software and operating systems. Also printers and scanners augment the lab setup along with access to high speed secured internet through inbuilt wifi connectivity in many of the systems.

Chemistry Lab

Chemistry laboratory contains all the necessary traditional equipment and glassware apparatus for the preparation of standards to perform the titrations for various analyses of liquid and solid samples such as Hot air oven, Hot plate, Water bath, pH meter, distillation plant, Digital weighing balance, Rotatory Shaker, Heating mantle, Vacuum filtration assembly magnetic stirrer and melting point apparatus etc. This laboratory also has the modern analytical equipment like UV- Vis Spectrophotometer. The laboratory is fully ventilated and airy to provide a healthy working environment for students as well as teachers. In addition to this advanced fume hood is also installed in this laboratory..

Pychology Lab

Psychology lab of the college has facilities for enhancing practical skills of the students by undertaking the analysis and measurement of mental phenomenon. It has a large collection of tests and batteries used for the measurement of intelligence, aptitude, personality, self-creativity, stress and anxiety. The major equipment includes Biofeedback, memory drum, tachistoscopes and Attention Boards.

Music Room

The Department of Music provides programmes in both Instrumental and Vocal streams. The department has a variety of musical instruments providing students with ample infrastructure for their learning and riyaz. The students are motivated to participate in different musical competitions at various levels and imbibe values of indian classical music in their lives and take up music as a career option and for further studies.