“Today I am settled on Canada, working as a teacher here and I believe that whatever I achieved is because of my experience in this college. The teachers here give every single student equal opportunity to explore their own full potential and gain confidence to face the world outside. Not only academically, but I have grown as an Individual in terms of personality and public speaking. Thank you Dev Samaj.”

Simmarpreet Kaur
B.com 2014-17

“Three years seemed like yesterday in Dev Samaj. I will always be indepted to our teaching to our teaching staff for all the exposure  of technical ornon technical events, dramatics, competition’s that augmentedmy skills to consequential magnitude. Treasure all the learning done here.”

BBA Student

“I feel lucky to be a part of Dev Samaj College , everyday was a new experience here. The teachers here are not only guides by friends also, they were there when I needed help and clear to my concepts. They enhanced my creativepotential and gave right ethical values.”

Kavya Mahajan
BA 2017-20

“The entire faculty leaves no stone unturned to shape our future. My time spent at Dev Samaj College has been a learning experience with prolific exposure to opportunities. I have huge respect , love and devotion for all the teachers here.”

Shreya Kulshrestha
BA 2018-21

“Dev Samaj College is best in all aspects, be it the faculty or infrastructure. The soothing environment helped me to grow into what I am  today, I would like to thank all my teachers for being my guide and teaching my life lessons. It was a pleasure to be a part of this college.”

Nancy Dhull
B.com 2017-20

“Dev Samaj College for Women is much beyond an institution. It denotes the culture – a culture of empowerment, excellence and moral values. This place has molded my personality and character to reach the pinnacles of success.”

Poonam Yadav
B.com 2016-19

The Institute is a Complete Package for students in terms of co-curricular activities and academics. This college gave me sweet memories and faithful friends. Thank you Dev Samaj.

Shubhi Maheshwari
B.com 2017-20

The environment of Dev Samaj College is holistically rich, and the mentorship of teachers and seniors is something that nourishes the budding passion of their students

Sukhleen Kaur
B.com 2014-2017