The college has an alumni association by the name VIRASAT. Its purpose is to foster a spirit of belongingness to the college and to help continue having cordial relationship with the alma mater. Our alumni are our most loyal supporters and are an important part of our institution's advancement.

A student can become a life member of alumni association in the final year of study in the college. Alumni meet is organized every year in the college with active support and efforts put by alumni members, members of student council and faculty members of the college.

Our alumni are a great role model for our current students and provide support to them in all possible ways. Many of our alumni are employed in various academic and non-academic fields in both public and private sectors. Some of them are working as faculty in different colleges and universities including some foreign universities. The college utilizes their intellectual inputs to enrich the curriculum implementation by inviting them as resource persons and as mentors for current students of different departments. Alumni feedbacks are collected regularly and every effort is made to incorporate the suggestions given by old students for the welfare of students and growth of the college.