College has established a system for maintenance and utilizing physical facilities like laboratories, library, sports equipment, classrooms, electronics and electrical equipment etc.  HODs of different departments prepare their annual budget and get them approved from the Principal and the managing committee of the College. Budgets are also prepared for organizing various academic and non-academic activities. This document provides a framework of assigned responsibilities for maintenance and utilization of infrastructure in the best possible way.

  • General cleanliness of the college campus, classrooms, laboratories, library, toilets etc. is undertaken regularly and supervised by Coordinator, College Affairs. Classrooms along with fixtures are maintained by the D-class employees and supervised by the teaching staff from time to time. Students are also mentored to make conscious effort in upkeep of the classroom furniture and facilities.
  • A caretaker has been appointed by the college to ensure the maintenance of general physical facilities. The services of plumber, electrician, carpenter, and computer analyst are available round the clock in the college premises. Maintenance of water plumbing, plants, sewage and drainage is undertaken by dedicated supporting staff.
  • A Complaint log-book is kept in the college office to record routine problems of electricity, water and general infrastructure. All the complaints entered in this register are attended by the caretaker and the coordinator on a very regular basis.
  • ICT facilities of the college are maintained by the teaching, technical and supporting staff of the computer labs. College has an arrangement with all service providers to call them whenever required and AMCs are done for all expensive equipment. There is a ‘Digital Cell’ in the college that takes care of all ICT-related issues and policies in a proactive way.
  • Stock register, log books are maintained by the respective laboratories to report entries and defects arising for rectification and repair. All major repairs are identified and outside expertise is sought for the repair with prior permission of the principal.
  • Annual stock taking for college furniture, hostel furniture, lab equipment, stationary, sports equipment NSS, NCC, and other assets is done by the designated faculty at the end of the session and a consolidated report is submitted in the office for necessary action.
  • For writing-off of obsolete/damaged equipment, a dedicated ‘Write-Off Committee’ is in place. Obsolete items are written off by following a planned procedure after getting a report from stock taking committee and the same is entered in the stock register.
  • The sports equipment, playgrounds and various courts are supervised and maintained by the ‘College Sports Committee’.
  • ‘Library committee’ is in place for smooth functioning of the library.
  • Proper cleaning, fumigation and exposure to sunlight are regularly taken up to reduce the risk of insects on documents in the library and administration office. Repellents are used to save the precious document from rats.
  • Green environment aspects like college gardens, pots, herbal garden and green area of the hostel are maintained by the college gardeners and NSS volunteers as a regular activity.
  • College is also amongst the first few institutions in the region to shift to solar energy for power consumption. Regular checks for its maintenance are done.
  • Water coolers, photocopier, salon facility etc. are also available in the campus. The college is always keen on adding to the facilities that can be provided to the students to improve upon their learning experience.
  • Fire extinguishers are in place at all prominent sites in the college. An annual inspection of the equipment is exercised to make sure that the system is intact and there are no vulnerabilities.

Safety of students has been one of the primary concerns of the college and to ensure that there is no untoward incident, CCTV cameras have been installed at all significant locations. The monitoring is done from the office of the coordinator. A daily check is exercised to ensure proper functioning of the CCTV cameras and immediate measure are taken in wake of any issue relating to the cameras.